Highest Paying New York Online Casinos

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Where will you find the highest paying online casinos in NY? As things stand, the Empire State has yet to legalize online casinos. Further attempts are likely to be made in 2024 after efforts in 2023 ran out of steam early in the year.

Online gambling enthusiasts will be eager to know where to find the highest payouts, so let’s look at some of the leading online casino operators that are likely to ply their trade here.

What is RTP?

What is RTP?

You may see the letters RTP used in the context of the best casino payouts in New York. RTP stands for Return To Player, it is expressed as a percentage, and the bigger that percentage is, the higher the payouts on offer.

Technically, if you start with $100 at an online casino, and after you have staked $100 you have $96.50 in your stack, that equates to an RTP of 96.5%. It is important to bear in mind that the RTP of particular online slot games, table games and indeed New York online casinos in general may vary slightly over time.

How Does Volatility Affect Player Payouts?

It can be useful to take into account the volatility of a particular game when playing online slots. Volatility relates to how often a game pays out, and how big the payout is likely to be.

A game with low volatility is likely to have a higher RTP. There will be frequent payouts, but they are unlikely to be particularly large. A high-volatility game should have a smaller RTP because it pays out much less frequently – but there is a chance that those payouts will be significant.

How We Determine the Highest Paying Online Casinos

There are several factors we take into account when trying to identify the best online casino payouts NY patrons can expect. Each of these can be added to the calculation of where you will find the best New York casino payout percentages.

The fact that all of these considerations cannot be predicted precisely helps to explain the ongoing variation in RTP. Nevertheless, they indicate how you might identify the destination with the biggest bang for your buck, and an entertaining and immersive online casino experience.


Every one of the online slot machines carried by New York online casinos will have its own RTP. Some of the top online casinos in New York will have more than 2,000 online casino games.

Certain slot titles are particularly well known for having high RTPs, just as some table games carry an impressive percentage. By factoring their presence, or otherwise, in the library of games available, we can ascertain how high the payouts are at any online casino.


One key factor that will go into an understanding of which brands offer NY high payout casinos will be the limits on the winnings you can enjoy. Not only do these vary among online casinos, but they are also different for particular games.

If you gamble online to an extent that raises the concern that you might hit your head on this ceiling, make sure you check the payout limits on any game. We certainly factor them into our assessment of which is likely to be the best payout casino in New York.

Progressive Jackpots

The number of progressive jackpots offered by an online casino can make a difference to the overall value to be had there. That’s because the payouts on progressives can be spectacularly high.

Many online casinos in New York will offer a substantial range of progressive jackpot slot games. We include this factor in our assessment of which brands are likely to be the highest-paying online casinos in NY.

Slots Tournaments

Many of the best online casinos in New York will offer you the chance to take part in slots tournaments. These will focus on one particular slot title, and be held over a certain time – a few hours, a weekend or several days.

The more you win, the higher up the leaderboard you will finish, and the more exciting your reward might be. However, we urge you to practice responsible gambling at all times and not gamble beyond your means in the quest for a prize.

Payout Speed

The Value of Fast Payouts at an Online Casino

The speed with which you are paid out can be a crucial factor in deciding where you want to play online casino games. The quicker your withdrawal goes through, the sooner you can re-invest it if you want to keep playing.

That’s why we place importance on the speed with which leading online casinos in New York will process withdrawals. A casino where the payouts are lower but faster will be competitive against one with higher payouts but slower withdrawals.  

Progressive Jackpots

When you have the chance to check out the range of slot games on offer at NY online casinos, you may find that several are progressive jackpots. You should be able to see instantly how big the current potential payout is.

Progressives are online slot machines where a small fraction of the amount wagered on every spin is added to a central pot. That pool may be incredibly hard to scoop; but when it is, the jackpot payout could be enormous.   


  • FanDuel Online Casino: Highest Paying Casino Games

    Until the state of New York makes online casinos legal, it is impossible to say which brands might be allowed to operate here. However, it is extremely likely that FanDuel will be among those to obtain a license to offer online casino games.

    As well as several progressive jackpots, FanDuel will probably offer several online slots with high RTPs, including Mega Joker and Blood Suckers. The RTPs of table games can vary hugely, but there will be blackjack games with an RTP of up to 99%.

  • Caesars Casino: Highest Payout Online Casino

    As you might expect of a brand with such a famous name in the casino space, Caesars online casino NY will go all out to deliver a great online gambling experience. You can expect it to be among the best online casinos that payout in NY.

    Among its extensive selection of slot games, you should find Mega Joker, with its stunning 99% RTP, which is closely followed by the 96.98% of another NetEnt title, Guns N’ Roses. As for table options, the RTP of the Vegas Blackjack game here has climbed as high as 99.6%.

  • BetRivers Online Casino: Great Payout Percentages

    BetRivers is another brand that will bring extensive experience to the task of running a New York online casino. Its profile in the Empire State has already been boosted by the work of BetRivers.net, the social casino where you can play casino games without having to invest real money.

    The range of slots at BetRivers New York online casino is likely to include Mega Joker (99%) and Blood Suckers (98%), both of which boast an RTP well above the industry average of 96%. The RTP for the table games here should include roulette (up to 98.37%) and blackjack (up to 99.6%).

NY Online Casinos Promotions

Do New York High Payout Casinos Have Real Money Bonuses?

One factor that will influence the identity of the best payout casino in New York is the range of bonuses available. The cost of playing at real-money online casinos can be partially offset by the benefits such promotions deliver. All of the leading legal online casinos in New York will carry bonuses that bring extra value to the online gambling experience.

Welcome Offers for New Players

You should expect an attractive NY casino welcome bonus in return for signing up as a customer at a New York online casino. This can take several forms, but the overall effect should be to get your time with any brand off to an enjoyable start.

Some operators offer bonus spins on particular casino games when you sign up. You may also be able to activate a deposit match; this doubles your bankroll instantly, and you could generate some serious winnings from those extra funds.

Regular Promos

The leading NY high payout casinos will offer you the opportunity to enjoy extra value on a frequent basis. By taking advantage of these offers, you could bolster your winnings and extend the time you can spend on online casino gaming.

Check out the Promotions section of your New York online casino to see which offers are currently available. You should be able to access promotions such as extra spins, slots tournaments and reload bonuses that act in the same way as a deposit match to boost your account balance.

VIP Player Rewards

Your New York casino payout percentages could be impacted if you become a member of a rewards program or a loyalty scheme. There may be points or credits on offer in return for regular play, and these can stack up over time to the level where they can be exchanged for rewards.

Some of those benefits might include bonus spins, exclusive VIP promotions, or extra play. However, we ask that you practice responsible gambling at all times and do not play beyond your comfort zone simply to earn more VIP points.  

How to Sign Up at the Best Payout Online Casino Sites in NY

The top online casinos in New York will make the process of signing up for an account as straightforward as possible. There may be minor differences between operators, but in general, you should expect to follow these steps:

1️⃣ Click the Join Now or Register button found on the homepage of online casino sites.

2️⃣ Give your email address and create a username and password.

3️⃣ Provide your full name and address, as well as your phone number.

4️⃣ Enter any promo code you have been given to ensure you activate your welcome bonus.

5️⃣ Give the last four digits of your Social Security number.

6️⃣ You may have to supply proof of your identity and date of birth to confirm you are above the legal gambling age.

7️⃣ Agree to all the terms and conditions.

8️⃣ Select a banking method and make your first deposit.

What NY Casino Games Do the Best Payout Casinos Offer?

The range of casino games available at NY online casinos will vary from brand to brand. It’s always worth using the search function to see whether or not your favorite online casino gaming titles are included in an operator’s library.

Nevertheless, certain types of games should always be represented at the best online casinos that payout in NY.

  • Slot games: It will be surprising if the vast majority of games at any NY online casino are not slots. You can expect an enormous variety of titles, including progressive jackpots, megaways and games with an RTP well above the industry standard of 96%.
  • Roulette: You should find a range of variations on the theme of the classic casino game. As long as you play sensibly, roulette can have an RTP close to 100%, whether you play on a video title or with a live dealer.
  • Blackjack: This is the most popular card game at any live or online casino, and it comes with an extremely high RTP. There may be several ways of playing blackjack games, both with a live dealer and through a video portal.
  • Baccarat: A perennially popular casino game with a dedicated fanbase. One reason may be that the RTP for baccarat can be around the 99% mark – but it’s always worth remembering that the RTP is a purely notional figure and carries no guarantees around your personal play. 
  • Online poker: It’s possible to find a broad selection of video poker games at online casinos in other states. However, it is worth noting that video poker games and other forms of online poker were specifically excluded from the unsuccessful 2023 effort to make NY online casinos legal.
  • Live dealer games: Many people enjoy playing live dealer games online; they bring you a slice of the in-person experience of being in an actual casino. You can often enjoy roulette live dealer games, as well as blackjack, baccarat and a host of other casino gaming options.

💰 Jackpot Slots Offer Huge Prizes at High Volatilities

The games that can potentially deliver the best casino payouts in New York are jackpot slots – particularly progressive slots, and titles with extremely high volatility.

Such games may hold out the alluring prospect of a huge payout, even maybe a life-changing sum of money. But you have to remember that the chances of walking away with an enormous pot of cash are extremely small. Non-jackpot slots may not come with the temptation of a gigantic payout, but the RTP is likely to be higher and you will probably be able to play for longer.


How We Ranked the Top 5 Online Casinos for Best Payout Online Casinos

There are so many factors that go into identifying the likely highest paying online casinos in NY. In this instance, we looked at the five online casinos with the best overall RTP in neighboring New Jersey.

These are recent numbers, but it's important to remember that the RTP changes with time - and that there are many other ways of identifying the best online casino when it comes to your taste and your style of online gambling.


As you can see, the figures are grouped very close together and the order and make-up of this top five will change frequently. Other factors also help to identify NY high payout casinos, including the speed with which they process withdrawals so that you can keep playing.

Choose Your Preferred Highest Payout Online Casino

If and when legal online casino gaming launches in New York, there are many ways of identifying the NY high payout casinos. When your focus is specifically on the operators with the best online payouts, NY players should take the following into account:

  • RTP percentage of preferred games
  • Frequency and nature of promos
  • Speed of payout
  • Rewards program
  • VIP scheme

Other more general factors to take into consideration when selecting your favorite New York online casino should include:

  • Volume and variety of game selection
  • Design and quality of user interface
  • Customer support
  • Range of banking methods
  • Security

Blackjack Payout Rates

Blackjack is the casino game with the highest overall RTP. Whether you are playing in person or at an online casino, there are variations of blackjack that should offer an RTP of about 99%.

However, it’s essential to remember that the RTP is purely notional. In the case of blackjack, it assumes that you are playing to a sensible system. If you consistently twist on 19, for instance, your RTP will be a good deal lower than 99%!

Find a version of blackjack that you enjoy at a NY online casino – many of the variations are created by leading game developers that supply most of the top online casino sites.

🎰 High payouts at Online Slots Games

By now, you will have seen that many of the slot games with the highest RTPs will be available to play at more than one of the highest paying online casinos in NY. Titles like Mega Joker and Blood Suckers, where the RTP is well above the industry average of 96%, will be available at many of the best online casinos in New York.

The RTP is set by the game developer rather than the online casino. So, while the RTP may change minimally over time, that is not due to any action of the casino. The best online casinos display the current RTPs for their slot titles; some online gambling sites even show them on an information panel next to the game.

Roulette Games with High Payouts

It’s possible to work out exactly what the house edge is in conventional forms of roulette. The presence of a single zero in European roulette leads to a margin of 2.7% and an RTP of 97.3%, while the double zero of an American roulette table translates to an edge of 5.26 and an RTP of 94.76%.

However, game developers can alter the RTP of video versions of roulette to make that margin narrower. It will be possible to find some of the best casino payouts in New York if you choose a variation with an RTP of 98-99%.

How to Choose Online Casinos With The Best Payouts

When you are looking for the best casino payouts in New York, there are several factors you can take on board. Look into the following and it will help you to make up your mind about where to do your online casino gambling when the chance arises in the Empire State:

  • RTP of individual games and overall casino
  • Payout limits – daily, and per game
  • Availability of progressive jackpots
  • Frequency of promotions offering bonus play
  • Speed of withdrawals process
  • Rewards program and VIP scheme

💵 Fastest Payout Casinos Online Banking Methods

It’s always a smart move to check the banking methods available when you are researching online casino sites. However you choose to deposit money at New York online casinos, it should be available to play virtually instantly. When it comes to withdrawals, though, some methods are quicker than others:

  • Cash at cage of partner casino
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Branded Play+ cards

Your withdrawal speed may be affected by internal checks. Many New York online gambling sites will check every initial payout as a matter of course. However, once your first withdrawal has been cleared, subsequent payouts should be processed much more quickly.

High Payout New York Casinos FAQ


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