New York Online Casino Bonuses, What Kind of Welcome Package Can You Expect?

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NY online casino promotions will be central to New York online casino marketing. Expect well over $1,000 in value from all the big-name US online casinos. Find the right bonus code on this page and it could make a big difference in how much value you get when playing at the new NY online casinos. Here we explain how you can extract that maximum value from the new NY casino’s marketing budgets.

NY casino bonuses & promos

Best Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Let's get started with some examples of the best online casino bonuses you might see when NY online casinos do finally arrive. 

The following offers all take into account a few different factors, like the wagering requirements, minimum deposit amount, and total amount of bonus money, bonus cash, free chips, or free spins you can get. 

In different ways, they all give you great value for both your time and your investment. Just be sure to check the casino bonus terms before you opt into any offer. And while some casinos offer excellent promos and reload bonuses for existing players, we will be focusing on welcome bonuses here, which are generally the highest-value bonus codes or offers you'll find. So...want to make the most of your initial deposit? Here are some sign-up bonus packages you may want to keep an eye out for.

Note that all of the potential promos below will be based on what you can currently find at the top online casinos we anticipate will be available in New York.

Casino Bonuses with Low Wagering Requirements

First up is a pair of bonuses we really like for how easy they are to claim. They work very differently, but they both provide a very player-friendly way to get used to online gambling and a feel for the casinos offering them.

Golden Nugget Casino

The Golden Nugget Online Casino has a couple of welcome bonuses for new players that you can take advantage of really easily. When you sign up, you can get up to $30 in bonus cash as soon as your account is verified. You can use it on any real money games they offer – table games, live dealer games, online slots and more. 

On top of that, residents of some states can also get a 200 free spins bonus for select slots. And unlike most bonuses, these no-deposit bonuses don't even require you to put down a credit card number. (The Golden Nugget also gives new players a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1,000 in bonus money, but there are wagering requirements of 20X for that offer.)

FanDuel Casino

Next, we wanted to mention a very unique (and potentially, very high-value) offer from FanDuel Online Casino. With the "Play It Again" promo, you get 24 hours to explore the app, discover the casino games you're most interested in and figure out what kind of betting style you're comfortable with. 

At the end of that 1-day period after your first deposit, if you're on the positive side of the ledger, nothing happens. You keep your winnings, just like you normally would. But if you're in the red, you'll get fully reimbursed for your losses with bonus cash, up to a maximum amount of $1,000.

To convert that bonus money into cash, there's just a 1X playthrough requirement. In fact, the policy at FanDuel is that any bonus cash prizes you get will always have wagering requirements of just 1X to claim them. So with this offer, as long as you make a big enough first deposit, you're free to try and play whatever casino games you want, without having to worry about racking up triple-digit losses on your first day with the casino app. In our experience, most casinos don't have such generous cashback bonuses.

NY online casinos Deposit Match Bonus Offers

High-Value Gambling Site Deposit Match Bonus Offers

The most common welcome bonus you can find at an online casino is a deposit match bonus that will typically match some percentage of your first deposit with a bonus amount. You'll then have to meet certain wagering requirements to convert the bonus amount into cash. (As always, be sure to check the online casino bonus terms and conditions for playthrough details, expiration dates and any other important information.)

The highest deposit bonus we could find right now is the welcome bonus at Caesars Online Casino. In different states, Caesars actually had both the highest percentage deposit bonus (PA) and the highest overall dollar value deposit bonus (MI and NJ). Pennsylvania players can get a 200% deposit bonus, up to $200, while Michigan and New Jersey gambling site patrons can score a 100% bonus code, worth up to a max cash value of $2,000.

Just like we pointed out with FanDuel, Caesars has a policy of just a 1X playthrough requirement, too. As we said above, though, review the casino bonus terms for any games that don't count (or count extra, in some cases) towards the wagering requirements. And keep in mind that these sorts of offers can and do rotate or change a few times a year, so it's hard to predict what kind of bonus code New Yorkers might see down the road.

NY online casinos free spins

Online Casinos Bonuses That Give Players the Most Free Spins

For slots aficionados, the best casino bonus they could hope for might be a free spins bonus. With this type of sign-up bonus, you get a predetermined amount of free spins when you either create your account or make your first deposit.

To expand on the Golden Nugget offer we mentioned earlier, you get 200 free spins on their 88 Fortunes slot game. And this is a fairly common thing you'll find with free spins offers – they'll often be limited to a single game or a small selection of games. Many online slots have interesting features or a somewhat complex bonus structure, and this gives players the opportunity to really get to know the ins and outs of a specific game.

Though it's not active at the moment, bet365 recently ran a series of online casino bonuses called Five Days of Free Spins. With this welcome bonus, new players got 5, 10 or 20 free spins each of the first five days they logged in. The free spins were available instantly, and usable on five of their most popular and best slots games. Many of the top online casinos have some kind of daily login bonus or prize wheel, and quite often, one or more of the possible prizes is a set amount of free spins people can use to play slots they're interested in.

How Do NY Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Most online casinos offer some kind of sign-up bonus or welcome bonus code. We've gone over many of these above, but now let's talk about the nitty-gritty of opting into these offers or adding them to your account. While there's no requirement that you use a promo code or welcome bonus when you sign up for an account, we strongly recommend it. And keeping an eye out for the best online casino bonuses for existing players can help you do a little bit more with your bankroll, too. So with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the nuts and bolts of how online casino bonuses work.

βœ” Activating an Online Casino Bonus

The first step in claiming an online casino bonus is opting into or accepting the offer. With a welcome bonus, you'll typically do this at one of two times. The first is when you first sign up for your account by clicking on a specific banner or using a bonus code. And the second is when you make your first deposit – again, by manually opting into an offer or entering a promo code when you're filling out the payment details. 

Most online casinos will give you some sort of confirmation on screen that you've successfully activated the offer, and many will send you an additional notification or email. (We'd recommend keeping these for your records, as computer systems do have errors, and it never hurts to have a screenshot or message showing definitively that you did opt into an online casino promo.)

βœ” Online Casino Bonus Codes

As mentioned, a welcome bonus will often be activated via a bonus code. Once online casinos are legal in New York, you'll probably find the latest bonus codes right on this page, but in some cases, you won't even need one. You just click one of the links you find on our site. 

Whether you're creating your account or depositing funds for the first time, you should get some sort of confirmation message that you've claimed the offer. Promo codes do expire, so be sure to check back here for the latest, currently active bonuses.

βœ” Check the Bonus Expiration

Most online casino offers will have some sort of expiration date, either before you opt in, while you're fulfilling the wagering requirements, after you receive your bonus or all of the above. Though welcome bonuses are usually available for a long period of time, most existing player promos will give you between a day and a week to opt in. (Obviously, there are exceptions, but most offers will have this kind of timeframe attached to them.) 

Once you opt into a promo, you'll typically have a time period in which to fulfill the requirements to claim your bonus. And if you receive bonus money as part of the offer, you'll usually have to use it within a specified timeframe. You might see a seasonal or surprise promo that's only available for a day or less, but generally, the timing on claiming or using bonuses is fairly player-friendly, particularly the expiration dates for bonus cash. Still, you should always...

βœ” Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before you sign up for a casino account, make a first deposit, opt into a promo, or place any bets, you should always read the terms and conditions for the offer you want to claim. Not all online gambling sites have the same general rules for bonuses, and sometimes you may even see drastically different wagering requirements or qualifying deposit requirements for separate offers at the same online casino.

Be sure you understand the eligibility, timing and bonus size of any promo code or offer before you invest your time and money into it. For one casino offering, playing poker may not count towards your playthrough, while another may specifically be a poker bonus. Some bonus types may be specific to table games or live dealer games. Whatever the case, just make sure you fully understand what you're getting into before you claim any casino bonus.

βœ” Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements, basically tell you how much you'll need to bet to claim any bonus cash in your account. They're always written as a multiple of your bonus amount – i.e. a 1X wagering requirement means you need to place bets equaling your bonus to convert it to cash, while a 10X requirement would mean you need to place bets equal to 10 times your bonus. Almost every welcome bonus or deposit bonus will feature some kind of wagering requirements. Some of the best bonuses may have a 1X requirement, but we've seen playthrough numbers as high as 30X. So to recap, here are the key points about wagering requirements:

  • Always a multiple of your bonus amount
  • Typically range from 1X to 30X
  • Associated with welcome bonus and deposit match offers
  • Different game types may count more or less towards requirements

βœ” Game Contribution Rates

As we alluded to in the last bullet in the section above, some game types may count more, less or not at all towards converting your bonus. Some wagering requirements may treat all real money games the same in this regard, while others may lower the contribution rate of a certain type of game by a stated percentage. Just stick to our golden rule and always check those terms.

βœ” Eligible Online Casino Games

In some cases, playing only certain games will count towards unlocking a bonus. This is pretty common with free spins, as they're often limited to a narrow selection of the best online slots a casino has to offer. Other promos will be specifically tied to table games, live dealer games or roulette, among others.

βœ” Winning Caps

Most online casino bonuses will not have an upper limit on how much you can win by participating in the promo, but there are some welcome bonus offers that only let you win cash prizes up to a certain maximum amount. When you do see these profit caps, they'll typically be part of the terms for no-deposit bonuses or free spins.

βœ” Minimum Deposit Offers

For the majority of casino bonuses, there will be a minimum deposit you need to make. With a deposit match, the bonus size is tied directly to how much you pay into your account. The bigger your deposit, the bigger the bonus you get! But even with other types of offers, where everyone gets the exact same reward, you'll still need to hit a stated minimum deposit amount.

βœ” Maximum Deposit Offers

Every welcome bonus or welcome package from an online casino has a maximum potential value attached to it. And that makes sense; otherwise, high rollers could bring in an almost endless supply of bonus dough. Whatever match or freeroll you see a casino offering will have an "up to" amount, right in the name of the promo. Scroll up to the top of the page to see some of the best bonuses we could find.

How to Claim a New York Online Casino Bonus

Once you find a casino (or a casino bonus, for that matter) that you're interested in, you'll need to do a few things to claim your welcome bonus and start playing. Follow these simple, straightforward steps, and you'll be able to start playing games in a few minutes or less.

Step 1 - Download the casino app or log onto the website.

Step 2 - Register for an account by entering some personal verification info.

Step 3 - Enter your bonus code or opt into your welcome bonuses.

Step 4 - Fund your account.

Step 5 - Play games (and have fun)!

Types of NY Online Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Hopefully, you've got a good sense by now that there are lots of different types of promos for both new and existing online casino players. Here, we'll go into a bit more detail on the variety of New York casino bonuses you might find in the future.

New User Welcome Bonuses

Almost every online gambling site will have some kind of welcome bonus to get new players interested and welcome them in. Because these are one of the major ways that casinos build their customer base, new-player promos are generally the best casino bonuses you can find at any given time. We've outlined how to take advantage of these offers above, and we always recommend you claim a bonus when you create a casino account. Most welcome packages will include a bonus you can claim without fundamentally changing the frequency or style of your play.

Casino No-Deposit Bonus

This is one of the best types of bonuses that online casinos offer. Without even putting down a credit card or transferring any money, you can start building your bankroll. No-deposit bonuses often consist of free spins or complementary casino cash. They're typically reserved for new players, but sometimes, existing players can get these through a loyalty program or as a special perk.

Mobile Casino Bonus

Mobile Casino Bonus

Occasionally, online casinos will offer some sort of incentive to download their New York casino apps. This may be after an update, or just as a push to get more people on the mobile platform. Sometimes, a mobile-specific offer may only show up in the app, or you might see a banner or callout on the website that directs you to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins let you get in on the action with some of the top slot games without using any money from your account. You'll see free spins as a welcome bonus, as a possible reward for logging in daily, or as an existing customer deposit bonus. Most of the time, free spins will be restricted to a small group of games, or even a single game that the casino is trying to promote. Either way, they're an excellent way to learn a slots game without feeling the pressure to win right away.

Reload Bonuses

Reload offers are basically the best online casino bonus an existing player could hope for. If they've made a withdrawal or whittled away their bankroll, reload bonuses will match a percentage of their next deposit with bonus bucks. It's a great way for players to get back in the win column without feeling the heat of a recent losing streak or a drained account.

Cashback Bonuses

Some bonuses give you a little insurance on your next trip to the online casino. Cashback promos generally will refund you all or a portion of your losses, if certain conditions are met. (We mentioned a new player cashback offer from FanDuel Casino near the top of the page.) These offers are a great way to try new games, features or betting options – even if you lose, you get another crack at things on the house.

High Roller Bonuses

Just like in a retail casino, the gamblers who bet the biggest will get the best perks. Whether it's through loyalty programs or a personal concierge, online casinos will give high rollers free chips, shopping sprees, event tickets, hotel stays and more. Some high roller clubs are only available by invitation, but rest assured, if you're playing enough, the people in charge will find you and reward you accordingly.

🀝 Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Some, but not all, online casinos will have referral programs that reward both the person being introduced to the casino and the person who's already a member. The value of refer-a-friend bonuses varies greatly, so be sure to check the terms for how much each person will receive. You'll often see a tiered system, where the reward fluctuates depending on how much the new player wagers.

πŸ’° Crypto Bonus

A fairly new development in the industry is cryptocurrency-based casinos, and not surprisingly, these apps will offer a crypto bonus to new members.

Software-Specific Bonuses

Software-Specific Bonuses

Many of the top slots games are developed by a core group of software companies, including NetEnt, Playtech, LNW, IGT and H5. Sometimes, these games will have bonuses that apply to them no matter where you play them online. So you could play the same slot machine at two different online casinos and not only get the same features but the same promos and extras, too.

Ongoing Promotions and Loyalty Program Perks at Casinos

With so many online casinos out there, there's a huge variety of extras and perks that players can claim. And some types of offers fit certain players and play styles better than others. Check the chart below for a quick summary of different types of bonuses and where you might be able to find the cream of the crop in each category.

Bonus TypeBest For
Deposit Bonus⭐️ New Players
No-Deposit Bonus⭐️ Trying New Games
Cashable Bonus⭐️ Fast Cash Outs
Free Spin Bonus⭐️ Slots Players
Reload Bonus⭐️ Existing Customers
Loyalty & VIP Programs⭐️ Frequent Players
Refer-a-Friend Bonus⭐️ Loyal Players

NY Sweepstake Casino Bonuses

Sweepstakes casinos, like Chumba and Luckyland, mainly feature sweepstakes contests and have a much bigger focus on social gaming. You can use cash to buy onsite currency, and the more you play, the more "Sweep Coins" you get, redeemable for real cash prizes. It's somewhat similar to redemption games at an arcade but on a much bigger scale. Just as you'd expect, the bonuses at sweeps casinos are focused on getting extra coins and contest entries.

Choosing the Right New York Casino Bonus

Choosing the Right New York Casino Bonus

No matter what kind of player you are, you should always take advantage of a bonus when you sign up for an online casino. The new player promos are designed for mass appeal, so you should be able to collect a bonus without altering how much you play, or how much you play for. You might not maximize a bonus, but you can almost always get at least a few extra bonus bucks.

If you're choosing between casinos (or offers), think about how much you want to deposit and what kind of games you want to play. For instance, if you're only depositing $50, a 100% match up to $500 and a 100% match up to $1,500 are identical. And if you want to only play table games, you probably won't want to go all-in on a free spins offer.

Why Would a New York Casino Give a Bonus Offer?

Above all else, casinos want to bring in a crowd. By offering free play or bonuses, they're driving interest and giving casual players more of a reason to put their money down. And "free" money isn't really free after you factor in playthrough requirements. In the end, bonus codes and offers are good for both sides of the equation. Gamblers get valuable extras, while the casinos get more people coming through their virtual doors.

Gambling Responsibly

Gamble Responsibly with a Casino Bonus

Even with the most player-friendly bonus, it's important to gamble responsibly. A bonus should be a ticket to extra entertainment, not something that pushes you to make wagers you don't feel comfortable with. If you start feeling out of control, most online casinos will give you access to tools you can use to limit your deposits and bets for a given time period. They'll also provide the contact information for resources that can help with problem gambling.

New York Online Casino Bonuses FAQ


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