See How New York Ranks Among Nerdy States

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Can you believe it?

It's been almost 30 years since the fifth and final installment of the “Revenge of the Nerds” series was in movie theatres. “Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love” was the last one produced in 1994.

This got us thinking. What are the nerdiest states in the U.S.? – your source for New York online casinos - used data from Comic Cons in United States (USA) | Comic Cons 2023 Dates (, Bookstores in America, 2013: A State-by-State Guide ( and Google Trends. We constructed a weighted scoring system based on number of annual comic book/anime conventions and number of bookstores per capita (“Cool Things Score”) and Google search volume on queries like “Live Action Roleplaying,”  “Comic books stores near me,” “Tabletop Games” (“Average Nerdy Search Volume”) and created a “Nerd Index” by which to rank the states.

Push your eyeglasses down and get the pen out of your shirt pocket, here is what we found:

Ranking the Nerdiest States

Top 10

StateAvg. NerdySearch VolumeCool Things ScoreNerd Index
1. Alaska10043143
2. Maryland92.515107.5
3. Kansas554398
4. Wyoming255075
5. South Carolina304575
6. West Virginia363773
7. Wisconsin44.52872.5
8. Tennessee155772
9. Montana175168
10. Georgia20.74767.5

Bottom 10

StateAvg. NerdySearch VolumeCool Things ScoreNerd Index
41. New York 12 18 30
42. Arizona11.51728.5
43. South Dakota02828
T-44. Idaho52126
T-44. Rhode Island22426
46. Nevada81422
47. North Dakota02121
48. Delaware91120
49. New Jersey11718
50. Hawaii077


New York? Not Nerdy

The Empire State is one of the least nerdy states in the country, coming in at No. 41 of 50 with a Nerd Index of 30. Its average Nerdy Search Volume was 12 and its Cool Things Score came in at 18.

Nearby Delaware (20 Nerd Index) and New Jersey (18 Nerd Index) came in at No. 48 and No. 49, respectively.

Alaska topped all nerd states with an index of 143. Hawaii had the lowest nerd index of just 7.

The top three nerd movies by (voted on by the Northeastern part of the United States), along with this writer’s skinny for each include:

  • Back to the Future (1985): one of the best, came out during my senior year of high school.
  • Weird Science (1985): underrated, was one of my staples toward the transition into college life.
  • Superbad (2007): never heard of, nor have ever watched.

I guess I'm a nerd.

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