George Santos Odds: What Will Ousted Congressman Do Next?

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The 11-month saga of George Santos’ time in Congress has come to an end, but don’t think for a second that you’ve heard the last word from the embattled politician. Since becoming the sixth member of Congress ousted from the Chamber in U.S. history, pundits have been speculating about what Santos will do next, with many suggesting the likeliest outcome is a transition into the entertainment industry. took a break from monitoring developments on online New York casinos and created hypothetical odds to rank possible landing spots for where George Santos will land within the current pop culture ecosystem.

Odds for George Santos’ Next Gig

Podcast Host/Guest Curcuit-200
HBO Original+300
Late Night Talk Show Circuit+300
RuPaul’s Drag Race+2000
Real Housewives Franchise+10000


Will There Be a George Santos Podcast?

In the wake of his scandalous exit from Congress, George Santos has become an online sensation, thanks to his bald-face lies — which include stating that his mother survived the 9/11 terrorist attack — and the many jaw-dropping scandals that have surfaced since he’s been elected (like scamming a disabled veteran out of $3,000 raised through a GoFundMe that was intended to save the life of the vet’s service dog).

As a result of the online frenzy he has created for himself, we’ve listed Santos starting his own podcast as the most likely outcome for this theoretical exercise. We’re taking imaginary bets at -200 odds — representing about a 66.7% chance. While so-called “mainstream media” might have trepidation about welcoming him into the fold, Santos can follow other right-wing politicos into the world of self-produced digital media with minimal barrier to entry. And given his recent experiments with the personalized celebrity messaging app Cameo — which Santos is using to send video greetings to his “fans” for $200-400 dollars a pop — there will be an audience for Santos’ private media venture, should he choose to launch one.

Next up, we’re suggesting there’s about a 25% chance that George Santos features in an HBO documentary or docu-series about his life and stranger-than-fiction political career. Part of the reason we set our odds here at +300 is because HBO Films already has green-lit a Santos-related project — adapting the recently released non-fiction book The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos by Mark Chiusano.

Can Santos Fix His Image?

Equally likely, by our estimation, is that George Santos begins making the rounds of Late Night TV. We’ve also set the odds for that at +300.George Santos certainly has been the butt of many jokes over the past year, and by appearing for interviews with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, the former representative of the 3rd New York District would have an opportunity to present some much-needed humility on display — and perhaps even salvage his tarnished reputation.

Santos to Reality TV?

Another highly buzzed about possibility is that Santos will end up on an existing reality TV program. We’re considering two options. First, we’ve set the odds of Santos appearing as a contestant on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” at +2000. It might seem unbelievable to some that a former Republican politician would appear on the unapologetically queer series, but not only is George Santos openly gay himself, while growing up in Brazil he allegedly participated in drag pageants as a young adult.

Finally, we’re putting the odds of Santos appearing in some fashion on one of the “Real Housewives” franchises at +10000. While it’s hard to imagine what role he’d play on the series, as the former representative of the fourth wealthiest congressional district in America, and a known aficionado of luxury clothing, Santos potentially could cozy up with someone in the RHONY cast.

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